Attendance Reporter

The (Advanced) Attendance Reporter is a tool to create and send reports to a sports team mailing list about the training session attendance based on a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Privacy Policy

1. Why is my information needed?
Advanced Attendance Reporter is a web based reporting tool built on the Google App Script platform; because of this it may require permissions to use your Google Apps account: access to GMail to send the reports in your name and access to the spreadsheet from which the reports will be created. Therefore, at a minimum, we may require such necessary information in order to provide this service.

2. What personal information is being collected and how is it used?
These permissions are in fact special keys that allows us to use various functions of your Google Apps account, namely accessing the attendance spreadsheet and sending emails in your name. These keys have to be collected in order for the Reporter to function, but they are collected and stored by the Google Apps Script infrastructure, the developers have no access to them. I can't really do anything with data I don't have direct access to, I only have the access to do whatever I need to make this script work.

3. With whom does Advanced Atendance Reporter share the information?
We do not have the intention to share your information with anyone, moreover we do not have the kind of access to your information so we could share it.

4. How does Awesome Gapps protect my information from loss, misuse or alteration?
The only way you could lose information is when the service is shut down for good which is unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future. In any way the only pieces information you would lose is all the report generation triggers.

5. How long does Awesome Gapps retain data?
As long as you retain the access to your data (see

6. Who can I ask if I have additional questions?
You can use our form.